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The typical man organ is approximately 5" and 7" long, certain there are a couple of men with an abnormally long dick, nevertheless they are in the small fraction. Also it is a a great point as the average woman's vagina is constructed to take a penis Order Viagra Online Overnight about 6" long. Any any further than this and the woman's internal organs might be damaged by energetic sexual intercourse. Yes I know a lady 's vagina can expand width approaches to just take virtually any breadth of penis, but you browse around this page don't observe any ads for penis size enlargement do you? Ed is usually brought on by.


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Lydia Auxiliary of Niger-Kebbi

Baptist Conference camp comes

up on 13- 15 March, 2015



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of Niger-Kebbi begins 18 -20 Feburary,

2016@ Alafia Oluwa Baptist Church

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Kagara. BE THERE!!!


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