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In the beginning

The Baptist people of Niger State had been dreaming of having a Conference of their own from time immemorial. Their dreams were backed up with actions in forms of meetings, consultations and consequently, the formations of Associations.

What came first in the minds of the people however was the establishment of a Bible School that will help in the advancement of the gospel in Niger State. The decision was taken in the first meeting of the indigenous Associations on

January 14, 1995, held at Zungeru, under the leadership of Rev. Peter G. Biya. The Conference issue was first mentioned in their Executive Committee Meeting of 29th September, 1995. The Associational representatives accepted the Conference proposal in their meeting of 26th January, 1996. From then on, the emphasis shifted to the creation of a Conference. The Pastors of the indigenous Associations therefore, met at Kaduna on 9th October, 1996, where they took the decision to keep the issue of the Bible School aside and pursue the creation of a Conference in Niger State.



The moves become known to Bethel Conference in 1996. This was reported to the Bethel Conference Executive Committee by the Conference Secretary on 1st February, 1997. The Executive Committee then mandated the Conference Secretary, Revd. G. Y. Na’Allah to meet with the group (Niger 11, Bishara, Godiya) to ascertain their genuineness; He met with them in April, 1997 at Kagara, and reported to the Executive Committee on 23rd May, 1997. He also told the Committee that Nigerian Baptist Convention has likewise expressed concern on the size of Bethel Baptist Conference, and had suggested creation of another one.

Following this report, the Executive Committee resolved that two more Conferences be created out of Bethel Baptist Conference. A Committee was set up to Executive that decision with Revd. Dr. John A. Aworinde, co-ordinating Niger Zone. He reported that Niger Zone had decided to pick the name NIGER-KEBBI BAPTIST CONFERENCE, with the Secretarial Head quarters at Minna, Niger State.

The Conference had six Baptist Associations namely, Bishara, Godiya, Kebbi, Niger I, Niger II and Ola Olorun. These cover two political States, namely Niger and Kebbi states.

The Conference was approved to disengage from Bethel Baptist Conference on 14th February, 1998 at Yelwa Yauri. It was fully approved by the Nigerian Baptist Convention on 23rd April, 1998 at Jos. The Conference therefore officially started on 1st May, 1998, it held its first meeting of Church representatives on 8th May, 1998 at First Baptist Church, Minna, with 92 peoples in attendance.

The Conference has three (3) out of the ten unreached people groups adopted by the Nigerian Baptist Convention i.e. Bassa, Kyengawa and Kumaku. In all, the Conference has 24 unreached people groups.

The Era of the 1st Conference Secretary – Rev. Daniel M. Tsoho

Rev. Daniel Tosho

Niger-Kebbi Baptist Conference was approved to be carved out of bethel Baptist Conference in February, 1998. She was approved by the Convention in April 1998, and officially started operation on 1st May, 1998.

The Conference started in a peculiar way. That is, instead of asking one of the pastors within the conference to pioneer her, somebody was invited from outside to be the pioneer Conference Secretary, (Rev. Daniel M. Tsoho).

Since then the Conference had experienced rapid growth in many areas. The following are some of the achievements from 1998 to 2010.

  1. We started with about 170 Churches, but we grew to 360 Churches;
  2. We started with six Baptist Association, but as at 2010 we have 22 Baptist Association;
  3. We started with about 70 trained Baptist Pastors, but as at 2010 there were over 160 trained Baptist Pastors;
  4. We started with only one staff (Conference Secretary, only) but as at 2010 the office had 11 full time paid staff, five are based in the administrative office and six trained pastors serving in our mission field (Palele);
  5. The Conference has an official car;
  6. The Conference built a house at Maikunkele where the Conference Secretary resides;
    1. The Conference started operation in storeroom offered at the Baptist Mission House, Bosso Road. The storeroom was renovated and later improved through an expansion and now accommodates the Conference Secretary, the WMU Director and other staff;
    2. The Conference has acquired two pieces of land; one at Barkin sale and the other one at Maikunkele, along Minna Airport.

The Era of the 2nd Conference Secretary (now President) – Rev. S. Obed Tanko

Rev’d Stephen Obed Tanko resumed the office as the second Conference Secretary that later metamorphosed to Conference President on ____________ and Induction came up on ____________ at First Baptist Church, Minna and since then has being building upon the existing record He met on ground. Few of His contribution are:


  • Putting the conference workers into right work they should be doing
  • Opening of files for each Associations for proper correspondence

Development (Physical)

  • The foundation laying ceremony of the Conference secretarial came up on ____________ and since then, the planning to continue the work is still Higher except for the fact that the Niger State Government order every land owners in that area to stop work for a discussion that concern state development. Meanwhile, an effort had being made on the Conference House in Maikunkele for refurbish and the work in good progress.
  • The Conference also changed the official Conference Car from the Rover that we are using before to Peugeot 406 in 2012 for effective administration.


The Conference consist of local Baptist churches in a given wider geographical area or state organized into at least 23 Baptist associations.

The Baptist Association are as follows;

Pentecost Galilee Kauna
Goodnews Fred Levret Ohotupari
New Life Ola Olorun Ola Fadeji
Palele Suleja Cruse Amanda
Godiya Agape Bishara
Bege God's Will Kebbi
Halleluyah Bethel Unity
Bowers Bethany
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