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Girls' Auxiliary

This is an organization for girls who love Christ and want to serve Him and be a part of His great missionary movement around the world. Its purpose is in two-fold:

· to develop the missionary zeal and response of Christian girls.

· to bring girls together for worldwide service for Christ.

Girls' Auxiliary is for girls between the ages of 10 and 16. In every church, preaching station

and schools where it is possible to do so, the gir~s are organized into Junior and Intermediate groups. The Junior Gas group includes girls whose ages are 10, 11 and 12; the intermediate ages are 13, 14, 15 and 16. Each organization has its own officers. Each group meets in a separate place for its weekly meetings.





The Girls' Auxiliary was officially organized by the Women's Missionary Union as an important member of the WMU family in 1925.

In 1940 forward step work was introduced. It was planned for girls who are interested in growing spiritually and participating in missionary activities. The steps involve memorizing certain passages of the scripture, collecting missionary information, understanding the teachings of the scriptures, reading mission study books, writing, sewing, carrying out varied activities and doing other challenging things. The steps are seven in number: Maiden, Lady-in-Waiting, Princess, Queen, Queen-with-sceptre, Queen Regent and Queen-in-service.

In all the Forward steps requirements, each girl must do her own work because it is she who is trying to learn. She must complete one step before she proceeds to another. She cannot do two steps at a time. A GA should not just memorize, read or study but she should understand the meaning of the information given and be able to put ii-into her own words. She should see how she can benefit from each step and not do it just for the award. When Forward Steps are well done, the GA has a sense of achievement. The Counsellor will only assist the GA; she will never do the work for her.

GAs had their first programme book in July, 1994. These programmes introduced the new Guidebook. In January 1956, a fourteen page mimeographed booklet called GA News and programmes appeared. It was the first introduction in the WMU Convention of a magazine. It contained articles about mission work in other countries, a counsellors' column, announcements of corning events and missionary programmes for weekly meetings. In January 1957, the G.A. magazine was named "The Messenger" by a GA, Miss Adunni Bankole (now Mrs. Opatola).

The year 1975 was the Golden anniversary of Girls' Auxiliary. A Kombi bus was bought for the missionaries in Sierra Leone. The 70 th anniversary gift of Girls' Auxiliary to the WMU was a mission residence at Angiama on the Southern Ijaw mission field. The building was dedicated in December 1990.

In 1 995 the Girls Auxiliary celebrated her 70 th anniversary. Her gift to the WMU of Nigeria was a four bedroom Guest Chalet at Camp Young, -ed y which was named after the retired Convention G.A. Director, Miss. Anita Roper a Southern Baptist Convention. The USA missionary building was dedicated on March 7, 1997.

In 2005 the Girls' Auxiliary celebrated her 80th anniversary at Ogbomoso convention. A Nissan Vannet bus fully numbered and licensed was donated to her mother WMU for her missionary work. To God be the glory.

In 2006 the Girls' Auxiliary is paying the salary of a pastor at Arogbo Ijaw Home Mission field. This project will last for three years.

We have camping programmes for the GAs during the holidays. They include health talk, Bible study, Mission study, handwork, recreation activities, Prayer session, recognition and Coronation service, Banquet and closing ceremony. Mission and camp offerings are collected to carry out our projects yearly.

Girls' Auxiliary Star Ideals are five:

1. Abiding in Him through prayer.

2. Advancing in wisdom by Bible study.

3. Acknowledging My Stewardship (Giving).

4. Adorning Myself with Good Works (personal service).

5. Accepting the Challenge of the Great Commission (Mission study)


Our Watchword is

"Arise, shine: for thy light is come" Isaiah 60:1


Our Goal:

Our goal is that all Baptist girls be added to our number through more Girls' Auxiliary groups until the kingdom of God shall come in the hearts of girls everywhere.


Our Hymn:

We've a story to tell to the nations

We've a song to be sung to the nations

We've a message to give to the nations

We've a Saviour to show to the nations.


Girls' Auxiliary hymn is a missionary hymn, it helps the Gas to see that they have a " ... story... a song ... a message ...

Our long range plan is to build a Health Centre for our mother (WMU) at Camp Young Ede, to visit international fields for evangelism.

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