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The Lydia Auxiliary

The Lydia Auxiliary is an organization under the Baptist Women's Missionary Union of Nigeria, an auxiliary of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. This organization was formed in 1952 under the leadership of late Miss Mary Ellen Yancey, an American Missionary to Nigeria. It is a Christian organization for Baptist young ladies who are not yet married and are not single parents.

Their age range is from 17 years till marriage. Many of them are students in tertiary institutions of learning, others are working as government employed, privately employed or self employed. They are actively serving God in various capacities in churches of the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

The Lydia Auxiliary's aims are to emphasize Christian living, encourage daily Bible reading with prayer, bring all members together for fellowship and witnessing, to train in the art of soul-winning within and outside Nigeria, and to stimulate the spirit of giving for the purpose of missions.


The Auxiliary's name - Lydia was taken from the young woman by that name in the New Testament (Acts 16: 14 ­15). She responded positively to the Gospel which Paul preached and welcomed him and his team to her house. Her house became a meeting place for the Christians. That lady's interest in the Gospel was exemplary and we want our Baptist young girls to follow suit.


"To open their eyes and to turn them from darkness to light". (Acts 26: 18a).

Hymn: Hark, the Voice of Jesus Calling

Hark, the voice of Jesus calling,

"Who will go and work today?

Fields are white and harvest waiting

Who will bear the sheaves away?

Earnestly the Master calleth

Rich reward He offers free;

Who will answer gladly saying

"Here am I O Lord, send me"

Our Vision

Salvation, Sanctification and Service i.e. Personal encounter with Christ by every Lydia, living pure life and Serving God diligently especially in missions within and outside Nigeria.


There are officers at the church, associational, conference and convention levels. Their services are voluntary.


Married women whose lives and homes are exemplary are leaders of these girls at the church, associational, conference and convention levels. The Convention Lydia Director is a paid staff at WMU Headquarters, Ibadan and she is the only career officer.


Lydia Magazine for weekly meetings in the churches, Lydia Guidebook (our manual), Bible Presentation Programme, Installation of Officers, Marriage Certificate and others including this magazine - Kingdom Daughters.

Our Project

We are at present building a dormitory at Camp Young, Ede. Financial assistance from all and sundry will be acknowledged and appreciated.

Our Needs

Prayers and other supports that will make us know the Lord, love Him more, serve Him more faithfully and be firmly rooted in Him until Christ returns.


Purple and white. Purple denotes royalty and white symbolizes purity in every aspect of life.


Active members are encouraged to keep on keeping on. Dormant members are implored to be active and non-members are persuaded to identify with this organization.

Come along with us and our God will do you good in Jesus' name.

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