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The recent history of the Men’s Missionary Union, Nigerian Baptist Convention shows that, the organ came into existence about 34 years ago, when a department of Men and Boys was established within the Nigerian Baptist Convention. This continued for some years until it was transmuted into a department called Men’s Missionary Union, an umbrella body for Baptist Men’s Fellowship and the Royal Ambassadors. (BMF & RA): Before becoming a department of  her own, the MMU was housed under a department called Missionary Organizations Department accommodating the BMF, RA, Youth and the BSF. Today, the MMU now enjoys a Quasi Autonomous status. The affairs of the union (MMU) is now

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Royal Ambassadors is the name of a Baptist worldwide missionary organization for boys between the ages of 10 and 35,  an international organization found in many countries of the world, wherever there are Baptists. It is found on many continents of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North American, and South America. The organization in Nigeria is called Royal Ambassadors of Nigeria (RAN), Nigerian Baptist Convention.

In its mission education and ministry plan, RAN has a foundational Christian education plans for Junior RA, boys between the ages 10 and 15, basic discipleship plans for intermediate RA, boys  ages 16 – 25 and solid mission education and action plans for Senior RA, who are boys within ages 26 – 35. It has the mandate of making real men out

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